Saturday, November 7, 2015

#$%&*! Again!?!? Flat tire ...

Got another nail in a tire ... the same (long string of expletives) tire I replaced last time ... right rear passenger tire.  Grrrrr.  I will NOT go through that damn neighborhood again ... for years if need be.  That's the same tire, replaced, in four months and since the Vette did fine yesterday until I went back through that neighborhood on my way home I can only guess that's where I picked up the nail.

The good news: luckily the tire would still hold air so I aired the tire up and drove up to Walmart.

The bad news: the nail was almost in the sidewall and couldn't be repaired.

The good news: I still had an almost brand new tire in storage, left over from the last time when I replaced both rear tires so I didn't have to buy another tire this time.

The really good news: I'm not sure how or why it happened but Walmart changed out the tire FREE and didn't charge me ... at all.  I walked in to pay for the service and they said no charge and handed me the receipt.  Since I think I've lost a lot more money at Walmart than I ever needed to lose I didn't ask twice.  If they make a mistake every now and then and let me have something for free then don't worry, Walmart is still way ahead when it comes to having taken more than they give.

Sometimes you catch a break ... but now I've got three Fuzions on the Vette and a Firestone.  It'll have to do until I get some other stuff taken care of like the AC programmer module which will give me climate control again.

Life with a Corvette and this Corvette seems to be a nail magnet.

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